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Welcome!  This site is devoted to helping people find information about ancestors or other family members who have roots in New York State (including New York City).

Free Information includes:

Family Information - The information provided on this website about certain families is true to the best of our knowledge.  If you find an error or would like to contribute information about the people listed here or information about your own family, please email us.

Cemetery Maps - Official maps of some of the larger cemeteries (and hand-drawn maps of some of the smaller cemeteries) in New York State are provided by county.  More will be added as we acquire them.  If you have a cemetery map that's not listed on this website and you'd like to contribute it to us, please email us.

Photos - To protect the privacy of living individuals, only photos of deceased people are provided.

Services available for hire (for a negotiable fee):

Birth/Marriage/Death Date Lookups - For a certain range of years, the exact date and location of any of these events can be found if it occurred in New York State.

Obituary Lookups - Requests may be made for people who died in New York State or were born in New York State and died elsewhere.  Fees for this service will vary depending on such factors as when and where the person was born,  when and where the person died, and how much information is provided about the person.

Photo requests - Fees for gravestone photos will depend on such factors as whether or not the location of the gravestone is known and how far we will need to travel to take the photo.  Please note: not all graves are marked with a stone or plate, and fees will not be refunded if this is found to be the case.

Wills/Land Records - Fees for looking up and copying wills and/or land records will mainly depend how far we will need to travel.  Please note: fees will not be refunded if it is found that there is no will or estate papers on file for the deceased.

Finding living descendants or relatives of deceased individuals - Fees for this service will depend on how many individuals you want contact information for.

Custom research - Fees for this service will depend on the amount and type of information sought.

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